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Three Reasons to Choose Skippy's!
  1. Skippy offers only Tennessee Vacation Rentals, covering the entire state!
  2. Skippy has 1500+ private homes with real-time calendars to choose from, something for every budget and party size.
  3. Skippy's Pledge: Skippy donates $.25 PER INQUIRY to local charities. The more inquiries YOU send, the deeper Skippy digs into his pockets and the bigger both of our hearts grow!
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Skippy's TN Vacation Rentals

Choosing the perfect Tennessee Vacation Rental just got that much easier now that Skippy is in town! With real-time calendars, gone are the days of inquiring about an already booked rental and when YOUR simple inquiry is worth $.25 to charity, sending inquiries has never felt easier! So why not send another inquiry?

With 1500+ Tennessee rentals, Skippys should be a one-stop shop for all things TN Vacation Rentals. Whether you need a 10 bedroom Smoky Mountain rental, a cozy river bungalow for two or you are planning a retreat for 100 guests and need multiple OBX Rentals, Skippys will have plenty of options.

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